Les fiancées d’Odessa

So pleased that the paperback version of Les fiancées d’Odessa is out!

“Avec un talent de conteuse qui emporte le lecteur, elle signe un roman narquois sur l’économie des rapport humains, tout en laissant juste un peu de place à l’espoir.” -Le Monde

“Un premier roman très réussi qui va à rebours des clichés.” -Causette

2 Responses to “Les fiancées d’Odessa”

  • Cbeppa says:

    Hello Janet! I just was looking at your website and it is very nice! Also it’s wonderful that your book has been published in so many languages!And the cavers are all beautiful.

  • jsc says:

    Thank you for your kind words about my website and the book covers! I am publishing an interview with the woman who designed the site this week and hope that you will enjoy it. She has just written a book about creating blogs and I can’t wait to check it out.

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