Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get a job in Odessa, Ukraine?
I received a Soros Teaching Fellowship. Here is a site with information about grants and fellowships.

How did you get a job in France?
I applied to be a teaching assistant in 1998 and renewed my contract several times. Here is a link about that position.
To apply:

How did you get an agent?
Way before I started looking for an agent, I worked on credentials, so that I actually had something to write in my query letter. I was on the editorial board of a small literary journal, I had poetry and prose published in small journals, and began to lead my own writing workshop. These credentials gave me the confidence to move forward and query and agent.

While working on my novel, I did a lot of research on writing a stong query letter and synopsis. Then I started researching to try to find agents I felt would be interested in the story I had to tell.

Ultimately, I chose Laura Longrigg of MBA Literary Agents. We met at the Gevena Writers’ Conference. Why did I choose her? Because on the MBA website, you can see who her clients are and the deals she has made recently.