Novel Sounds
Music in Moonlight in Odessa

Like many Ukrainian young women, Daria adores Patricia Kaas. Here the French singer sings ‘Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues’ at the Kremlin.

Jane liked ‘No One’s Sister’ by Leonid Agutin, when she was in Odessa.

Boba loves the song ‘Odessa-Mama.’

Daria goes to the opera Carmen with Vlad. She agrees with the critic Edward Seckerson, who wrote: “I’ve never been one for note-perfect Carmens – this one uses the music like promises and threats, coaxing, cajoling, insinuating, bending the melody, shamelessly exploiting the chesty rasp of her bottom notes. The colour of the voice is just about as dusky as it gets, but it’s the way that it is an extension of her body and soul and language – the vernacular – that really grabs you.”

Jane, Daria, and Tristan go to Phantom of the Opera.

In San Francisco, Jane and Tans dance to Allison Krauss.